The Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts (FACA) was established in 1994 based on the university’s mission of becoming an internationally recognized institution of higher learning and the main choice among students and academicians via excellence in teaching, research and scholarship. In order to fulfill this mission FACA recognises the importance of technology and management skills in exploring creativity, through programs such as Fine Arts, Design Technology, Arts Management, Music and Cinematography towards the degree of Bachelor of Applied and Creative Arts. The faculty aims to produce graduates who can promote professional artistic growth in a dynamic and diverse work environment. Towards equipping students with fundamental skills and discipline to create and to explore creative ideas, it is the faculty’s objective to integrate the use of technology to enhance curriculum integration based on the concept of amalgamated education and cross disciplines.

Faculty Vision

The faculty's vision is to become an art institution that is dynamic, innovative and global

Faculty Mission

The faculty strives to spearhead and lead the consolidation of the areas resulting from the development of technology in teaching, research and creative and innovative production. The faculty is sensitive to cultural values as a catalyst for the challenges of globalization.